Like High Flying Birds


Anti-Hero / Taylor Swift Music Video Conversation Scene 会話部分 和訳

今回はTaylor SwiftのAnti-HeroのMusic Video内で途中に出てくるCoversationの和訳になります。






<Music Video Conversation Scene>
(Music Video に出てくる途中の会話の訳)

“She’s laughing up at us from hell!”
“What, what does it say?” 
“It’s… the worst”
“But who got the beach house?”
“She’s having it turned into a f***ing cat sanctuary”
“What!? Cats don’t even like the beach”
“What about the rest of the assets? I flew all the way here from Ibiza!”
“To my children, I leave…, 13 cents.”


“Wait, wait, wait, wait you guys,
there’s probably a secret encoded message that means something else!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what mom would always do”
“PS: There is no secret encoded message that means something else. Love, Taylor”


“Okay, great. Good job, Chad. You finally pushed it too far.”
“What are you implying by that?”
“I think she’s implying that you haven’t hesitated to trade on mom’s name.”
“Excuse me?”(なんだって?)
“Ah, I mean, do you not remember your book “Growing up Swift”?”
(“Growing up Swift”ってっタイトルの本あったでしょ?)
“And your stupid podcast “Life comes at you swiftly”, which I’m pretty sure you’re recording for on your phone right now!”
(それから“Life comes at you swiftly“って名前の馬鹿げたポッドキャスト、お前が今も回してるの知ってるからな!)
“Chad, come on!”
(Chad, どうかしてんじゃないのか)
“At funeral, Chad!” 


“Okay, well, why don’t you go cry about it at the country club that you name dropped mom to get into, Preston.
And Kimber, you are literally wearing her clothes right now”
“No, I’m not.” 
“That’s from the Fearless Tour, 2009.”
(それは2009年Fearless Tourの時のだ)
“OK, well, you know what, we were very, very close to her. I miss her.”
“They were so close.”


“OK, I’m just gonna say I think she killed her”
“You’ve gone too far!!”
“Kimber was the last one with her!” She didn’t fall off the balcony, she was pushed!”
“You monster!”