Like High Flying Birds


Far From Saints

Take It Through The Night / Far From Saints 歌詞・和訳

I've been lyin' all day through my teethEver since you been goneI've been sad, I've been in need 自分でもわかってるのよ、嘘をつき続けてるのよあなたが私のもとを去ってから悲しくて、どこか満たされない日々が続いてるの If you don't knowWhat you…

Let's Turn This Back Around / Far From Saints 歌詞・和訳

I know I've been gone a while and I really miss youThere's nothing else I want more in the worldBut I have to do this and I thought you knew thisI guess it isn't what you signed up for 少しこの場を離れていたの、あなたを恋しく思ってるあなた…