Like High Flying Birds



Strange Thing (Demo) / Oasis 歌詞・和訳

Here lives a pocket full of lives with no solutionTake it for what it is, it's only drunken liesYou should open up your mind, look to the futureYou could be waiting for the ship that sails you homeI'm going home 解決策もないポケットに収ま…

Don't Stop... (Demo) / Oasis 歌詞・和訳

Bye bye my friend, I'm leavingI'm gonna feast on the stars in the skyAnd while I'll be gone, don't stop dreamingAnd don't be sad and don't cry もう行かなきゃいけないからさよならを言うよあの空に浮かぶ星のように楽しんでくるつもりさいなくなる…