Like High Flying Birds



St. Charles Square / Blur 歌詞・和訳

I fucked up やっちまったよ I'm not the first to do itMust forgoe now, your smileOff the wall, beigeI'm fixtures and fittings nowCall me out, but call me 俺が先陣を切るつもりはない今は手を付けるべきではないんだ、君の微笑みに型破りなやつ、普…

The Narcissist / Blur 歌詞・和訳

Looked in the mirrorSo many people standing thereI walked towards them into the floodlights 鏡を覗いたんだ多くの人たちがいたよ光の中のあの人たちの元へと歩みを進めたんだ I heard no echo (no echo)There was distortion everywhere (everywhere)I…