Like High Flying Birds


Be Here Now

Stand By Me / Oasis 歌詞・和訳

Made a meal and threw it up on SundayI've got a lot of things to learnSaid I would and I'll be leaving one dayBefore my heart starts to burn 飯を作ってみたよ、吐くほどまずかったけど失って初めてわかることがたくさんあるな前にも言ったけどいつ…

Don't Go Away / Oasis 歌詞・和訳

A cold and frosty morning, there's not a lot to sayAbout the things caught in my mindAs the day was dawning, my plane flew awayWith all the things caught in my mind 凍えるような寒さの朝、特に言いたいことはないよ心に引っかかってるこのことに…